Turn your dissertation into a book

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How to turn your dissertation into a book

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How to Turn Your Doctoral Dissertation Into a Book After completing a PhD program, publishing your dissertation can help launch your career. Earning a doctoral degree is a huge achievement. "Fifteen minutes!" you say. "That's too good to be true!" Okay, author Joan Bolker admits she gave her book the title Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day to get the reader's attention.

And she admits that it's unlikely you'll actually finish a dissertation at that speed. If you are in a book field, the fact is, your dissertation must be transformed into a book to be of full value to you. The dissertation alone counts for little in the academic career.

My Top Five Tips for Turning Your Dissertation Into a Book–A Special Request Post

In other words, a dissertation is where you begin to articulate the ideas and arguments that will eventually transform into your book. But it takes a lot of revising, restructuring, and failing in order to find a cohesive argument and structure.

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Turn your dissertation into a book
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