Revenue management techniques in hospitality industry

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Yield management

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Hospitality courses

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Revenue management

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Hospitality courses

The Hospitality Management Major offers a broad educational approach to a career in the hospitality industry. Its varied course of study prepares students with both the management theories and operational competencies necessary to enter any segment of the industry upon graduation.

In addition to the university’s general education requirements, students take classes specific to the industry. Truly passionate about the results she delivers, we are pretty sure that Jennifer is out for world domination.


When she does come up for air, you can find her in Louisville with her 3 dogs. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization Build a Hospitality Business.

Prepare for a professional career in the hotel industry in just three courses. Constant change in the distribution environment has increased the number of distinct price points and strategies that a hotel must manage.

In this module, you’ll learn the latest industry practices and gain an integrated view of distribution, e-marketing and revenue management, in order to increase your market share. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization Build a Hospitality Business.

Prepare for a professional career in the hotel industry in just three courses. A full health check is done on your current business practices aligned with revenue optimisation.

Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)

We measure this against industry best practices and then propose changes to be made to get you more in line and to increase profits.

Revenue management techniques in hospitality industry
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