Functions of advertising manager

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7 – Important Functions of Advertising

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Functions of Marketing Manager Work with top management. The main function of marketing manager is to work with top management. He is to assist the top management in determining the marketing plans and policies so that all the problems of the process of planning may be removed and sound plans and policies may be formulated.

Marketing relies mainly on railroads, trucks, waterways, pipelines and air transport. The type of transportation is chosen on several considerations, such as suitability, speed and cost.

Transportation may be performed either by the buyer or by the seller.

What does an Advertising Manager do?

Jun 29,  · A marketing manager performs many duties aimed at developing and implementing the long- and short-term marketing strategies of his employer. The. Advertising management is a planned managerial process designed to oversee and control the various advertising activities involved in a program to communicate with a firm's target market and which is ultimately designed to influence the consumer's purchase decisions.

A marketing manager seeks out new markets for products and services, oversees an organization's marketing budget, forecasts sales, and assists in the implementation of sales. An advertising manager oversees the advertising activity of a business.

The specific role of the advertising manager varies depending on the business; he or she may manage the staff and activities.

Functions of advertising manager
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