10 critical decisions of operations management general motors

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DOI: /JOEBMV Journal of Economics, Business and Management, Vol. 3, No.


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Ford Motor Company Operations Management, 10 Decisions, Productivity

10 Critical Decisions of Operations Management. 17 July by Kettering University of Kettering University you are part of an extensive alumni network with connections to notable organizations such as General Motors, Bosch, Boeing, Fisher.

These pillars allow your operations and maintenance leaders to make better decisions that enhance asset performance.

Google: 10 Decisions of Operations Management, Productivity

This helps in increasing uptime, reducing risk, decreasing maintenance costs, and improving overall efficiency. GM Implements New Parts Inventory Management System The availability of parts at dealerships, necessary for completing repairs in a day, is critical for keeping customers satisfied.

General Motors has a sure way to make a customer unhappy: tell him he must leave his car overnight for repairs because a part is out of stock.

Supercharging enterprise asset management with IoT and AI

In this role, Reuss is responsible for leading the company’s Global Design, Engineering, Safety, Quality, Research and Development, Advanced Vehicle Technology, Purchasing and Supply Chain organization, as well as the Product Planning and Program Management of General Motors cars, trucks and crossovers around the world.

There is a striking similarity between the kind of management thinking going on at GM today and the process by which Sloan arrived at each of the critical decisions that shaped the course of GM.

10 critical decisions of operations management general motors
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